Personal newsletter


            Throughout my adult life I have lived distant from most of my family and long-time friends, often in a different continent.  As an efficient way of keeping them informed, in 1974 I initiated a newsletter, issued at intervals ever since.  Some recent issues are posted here.

            Notes from Midamerica vol. 1 no. 1, 25 July 1974  [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 38, African Liberation Day 2001 [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 39, 7 September 2002  [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 40, 25 November 2003 [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 41, 4 February 2005 [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 42, 1 May 2005 [PDF]

            Antic Antilleana no. 43, Winter Solstice 2006 [PDF]

            Etaoin Shrdlu no. 44, 20 August 2007 [PDF]

            Etaoin Shrdlu  no. 45, Francis Andrew Starr's 20th birthday [PDF]

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